Thursday, October 11, 2007

Birthday Girl

Well, it was my birthday this Monday. Three years old. Can you believe it? Papa had the nerve to ask, "Has it only been three years??" What the heck does that mean? Luckily I at least got some home-made peanut butter & oatmeal treats. And I hear that Grandma has a gift for me! If only I could get over there to get it!
I've had a blast this week with Bobbie Ruth. She took Chip & Beatrice and I on a hike/run on Tuesday. Today we got to go swimming, which is of course my favorite thing to do!! It was so fun! I got to fetch the stick, and there was a waterfall, and I got to fetch the stick, and play with Chip and Beatrice, and fetch the stick! It was a blast! Thanks, Bobbie Ruth, I think you are awesome!!

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